Jot Pro TipSooner or later, likely later given that I currently can’t draw to save my soul as you’ll see in a moment, I intend to offer logo design services to my future clients. An introductory Udemy course that I took on the matter pretty much hammered in the nail of Adobe Illustrator as the “logo app”.
I got a clean, unpirated, copy of Illustrator CS6 (because that “Creative Cloud” business that Adobe has cooked up is just a load of bull for my money) and started to play around with it, but found using my finger to be a bit “finger paint” ish. I started looking into screen styluses that could be used for detailed drawing and a recent wirecutter article I came across on the interwebs directed me to Adonit’s Jot Pro:
Jot Pro Box
Prior to reading the article mentioned above, I actually saw this in a nearby “big box” store, but was initially turned off by the plastic piece on the front. It seemed more like the pen’s stand than a part of its writing head. After reading the article, and putting some thought into it, it makes sense: It acts as a more detailed version of the end of your finger that you’d be otherwise be using and its more sturdy than the soft tip I found on the cheap dime-a-dozen styluses that I really didn’t want…
Jot Pro Box
Jot Pro Hand
Jot Pro Uncapped
The article and the product page are a bit heavy on talk about it being great for iPads. Well, I happen to currently be running around with a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 and, as far as basic stylus/touchpad pairings go, the two seem to be playing along nicely.
As for the drawing part, I’ll let the video below tell the story (Bear in mind that, at the time of recording, I’ve had the copy of Illustrator shown for about a few weeks, and the pen itself for a couple of hours):
At this point, I’m thinking that if I can also add a Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus into the mix, along with some clearly needed drawing tutelage, I’ll be able to start whooping some creative rear and take some creative names in fairly short order.
When I get my hands on said brush, I’ll expand on this post and report on how that goes.
Thanks for reading. Comments welcomed.