About US

About Perkitech

We’re a small remote team of individuals that love to create things on the web. When we’re not creating things on the web, we’re learning how to create better things on the web.

Our Awesome Team

Yardell Perkins

Yardell Perkins

Founder | Head Developer

I like to create things and help people. Its the intersection of the two that pushes my work forward.

Alana Burns

Alana Burns

UX / UI Designer

I’m a UX/UI Designer who takes a human-centered approach to design and enjoys adding joie de vivre to the user experience through vibrant aesthetics. Learn more about me here.

Jessica Jansasoy

Jessica Jansasoy


Everyone loves a good story, and that’s my case too. I believe content shouldn’t be boring, even content with an — apparently — all technical background like SEO. If content has the purpose of someone to read it, why not make it funny or sprinkle it with emotion? Learn more about me here.

The Bear

The Bear

Company Mascot

I’m just a stuffed bear. Yardell talks to me a lot. I keep telling him he needs a girlfriend. He keeps telling me that he’s not afraid of dying alone. #creepy

Our Values


If we’re working together, you will be with us every step of the way. You will always know what we’re doing. If there’s ever a moment when you’re not sure of what we’re doing, it will be easy for you to reach us and get some answers.

We understand that we’re creating for you, not us.


Along with building digital platforms for people, we strive to educate them on simple straightforward ways in managing those platforms on their own. 

We don’t want anyone to feel overly attached or beholdened to us simply because we built something for them.


Even within the spaces of vision and creativity, we still maitain and regularly optimize routines that allow us to give every client the same, high quality, service and results they come to expect from us upon retaining our services.